Why Was My Listing Request Rejected?

Most common reasons for rejections

Listing requests are rejected because of one of the following reasons:

  • Our editors cannot verify that the place or business meets our guidelines. This is due to insufficient information being submitted with the request or to our editors being unable to find sufficient information online.
  • Our editors determined that the place or business violates our Community Standards & Guidelines
  • Our editors determined that the place or business contains illegal content
  • Our editors determined that it is not of sufficient interest to travelers.
  • It is not currently open to the public.
  • It is a duplicate of an existing listing.

You can review our Accommodation, Restaurant, and Things to Do guidelines HERE.

If your listing request has been rejected, you will be notified of the decision.

For EU residents, if you disagree with our decision you will have the ability to appeal through our internal complaints procedure. To review your options for doing so, click here.