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  • More than just a Sydney highlight—it’s the Taj Mahal of Oceania. Stroll around the building and watch other visitors being struck by...
  • Talk a walk...see the city with a new view
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  • One of the best places in the world to remember fallen soldiers without glorifying war in any way. Truly moving.
  • 360 degrees of breathtaking views! You get a great lay of the land while experiencing the chills that come with looking at the great...
  • Overwhelmingly emotional experience
  • People do yourself a favour and visit this place
  • Important and informative historical site
  • This is a must to Western Austalians
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  • Love park with fantastic views of Perth and the Swan River
  • One of the bucket list
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  • A surprising delight on the penninsula probably best viewed in summer
  • Fun times in the debate chamber
  • I love this church - so beautiful. It feels like being in the hull of a ship!
  • Very interesting history of Russell
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