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  • The statue is amazing, but the views are even better! Great sunset views over the city and bays, with the sun setting right behind the...
  • We rounded a wall, and there before me was the city laid out in all its splendor, shining in the bright sun. It was all I had hoped...
  • This is a breathtaking living cemetery in the middle of the city. Not only is it gorgeous, it's fascinating.
  • An amazing Gothic-like Cathedral style. Really worthy of a visit, especially because it is not a usual architetonic here
  • Breathtaking interior - must go during daylight!
  • Beautiful architecture and they offer English-speaking tours
  • Cute plaza with lots of local shops
  • Lovely, peaceful church in the middle of town
  • Worth going out of your way a bit for a visit to the largest Marian shrine in the world!
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  • Great place for afternoon back in time strole.
  • Pablo Neruda `s house in Santiago.
  • Something for the art enthusiastic people
  • You can lose yourself in the creepy and dark underground maze halls that Cartagena used to keep the enemies away. Pirates, back off!
  • Spectacular church. Historic, beautiful, peaceful and folkloric, all in the same place.
  • One of my favorite places in Easter Island
  • The white, oddly shaped building has the feel of Gaudi about it, plus a stunning view out over the ocean.
  • Beautiful Church and Interesting Mass
  • If you want to see a statue sitting undisturbed from the time that it was created, you have to go to Rano Raraku! Magical.
  • A beuatiful cathedral, sombre outside but glorious inside