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  • The atmosphere is peaceful and tranquil. When you are lying in your hammock, there is no sound bar the wind in the palms.
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  • Like having all your holiday fantasies rolled into one dream holiday. The tropical beauty is gorgeous, great food, very warm staff. The highlight was the peaceful serenity.
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  • Very nice gate away in a scenic sourouding
  • Magical Tropica Island Experience
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  • Best Island for wedding!
  • One of the best holidays
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  • Perfect for a family to escape reality
  • my spiritual home
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  • Great Stay!
  • Absolutely wonderful!!
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  • Great holiday with family & friends
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  • Golfing location and Club Room luxury
  • Holiday in Paradise!
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  • Stunning beach and resort
  • Paradise at it's finest! <3
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  • Grand Pacific Hotel, truely fabulous
  • Great stay!
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