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  • Lidotel margarita is a good place to stay for business meetings
  • Visit in Dec 2016
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  • Excellent! Excellent ! Excellent !
  • Great Service
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  • Great facilities, amenities, food and rooms!
  • 1 year old (as of july2012), excellent attention, good location
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  • Good Coffee & Excellent service
  • wow sunning hotel
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  • Fantastic hotel with everything for a business traveler.
  • Awesome but the Spa didn´t work well
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  • The best breakfast in Venezuela!!!
  • The best luxury hotel by far in venezuela
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  • Great service and best staff in town !!!
  • Incredible
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  • Nice place to be
  • One of the best hotels in town
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  • The best option you can choose.
  • A safe bet with good access to shopping mall
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