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  • Beautiful Hotel. Perfect Location
  • A friendly and charming lodging well located on a main pedestrian street
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  • Warm, welcoming home away from home!
  • Wonderful hotel in a great location with exceptional service!
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  • Fantastic hotel, but you pay for it...
  • An oasis of warmth in middle of nowhere
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  • First stop in Iceland
  • Like a dream land!
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  • Nice European Hotel close to Hallgrim’s Church
  • Great location and lovely hotel for a honeymoon - just a couple of small points
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  • Excellent hotel in superb location
  • Cozy and calming
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  • Wonderful warm and inviting staff. Great location.
  • Fab hotel
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  • Excellent location and views over the harbour
  • Great food great service great atmosphere
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  • Accommodating Value in Iceland
  • Great Location and Lovely Hotel
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  • Nice location, nice hotel, superfriendly staff
  • Perfect hotel, perfect location!
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