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  • Excellent Boutique Hotel in prime location
  • Wonderful hotel, great location!
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  • Stayed in hotel apartment.
  • Great location!
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  • Modern, clean, spacious rooms with excellent furnishings and bathroom
  • Cool vibe, great sleep and shower
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  • Gorgeous retreat on a moonscape – don’t bother with the Blue Lagoon tourist attraction
  • Beautiful and Relaxing
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  • Excellent Stay! Very Comfortable
  • Quite location and great staff
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  • Conrad Hilton Would Have Been Proud
  • Out of the way
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  • Enthusiastic Staff and Best Breakfast
  • Great location & Value
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  • Trendy place and very good knowledgeable staff
  • We loved it!
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  • nice location, good services, very convenience to most every where
  • Perfect Location
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  • 32nd birthday week Trip to Iceland
  • Great hotel
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