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  • Alda Hotel - Good location and a great place to stay
  • Perfect
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  • Our favorite hotel in reykjavik
  • Great location, great service!
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  • Definitely the best hotel in Vik
  • Best location for the black sand beaches
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  • Relaxing night at Silica
  • Simple elegance
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  • Never judge from the outside, inside its beautiful.
  • great location. Friendly and helpful staff.
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  • Adequate Accommodations with Executive Floor Lounge A Nice Amenity
  • Lovely hotel
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  • Fantastic service, in an unbeatable location
  • Very very good
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  • Great place right on the marina...but expensive.
  • Fun and modern..worth it
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  • Modern while classic perfectly centrally located
  • Expensive, but Location, Location, Location
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  • A Great Hotel Downtown on one of the Oldest Streets
  • Comfortable Hotel | Excellent Location
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