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  • Quaint Setting
  • Fantastic view from this hotel
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  • Stay here for the private lagoon!
  • Worth the Money!
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  • Silver wedding anniversary break
  • Highly recommend
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  • A GREAT IFND - Highly recommended
  • Hidden Gem!
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  • Excellent Hotel in a Great Location!
  • Great little hotel right where you want to be
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  • Beautiful hotel, beautiful city
  • 2ND Visit...BETTER than the LAST!
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  • Good location with a very nice public area
  • Wonderful Stay
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  • Great location and staff
  • Stay at the Apotek
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  • Comfortable hotel with excellent spa - 15 minutes walk from commercial centre
  • Stunning, luxury, amazing breakfast
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  • A 4-star hotel with 5-star service, nice rooms, great food, and good views.
  • Cool hotel on the bank of a river
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