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  • Three days of bliss😍
  • Fiji style
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  • Fantastic 20th wedding anniversary location
  • Music and Coral Delight
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  • Simply amazing - we will return!
  • We saved the best for last!
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  • More than a holiday, Turtle is an EXPERIENCE!
  • Most fantastic vacation that we have ever taken
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  • Second time at Papageno and it was again a wonderful experience!
  • Outstanding family-friendly hideaway
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  • Delightful Honeymoon for Surfer and Non-surfer
  • BEST surf resort in Fiji!!
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  • Don't think twice - You have found Paradise
  • Great resort!
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  • Emaho Sekawa Resort - EXCELENT
  • Unforgettable, Romantic Honeymoon in breathtaking private setting
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  • Dream wedding and honeymoon destination
  • A perfect get-away
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  • Ultimate luxury on a stunning island
  • Paradise for sure!
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