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  • A truly wonderful place to stay
  • Beautiful peaceful haven on the beach
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  • An excellent end to our 7 night safari
  • Wonderful service
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  • Where adventure and beach hang out meet!
  • Perfect place to relax after busy safari
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  • Great weekend getaway
  • An amazing time at the maji!
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  • Beautiful hotel. Beautiful people
  • Most beautiful hotel and the best service ever
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  • Lovely Way to End Africa Trip - Beautiful Establishment
  • One night only but wished we could have stayed longer
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  • As close as you can get to paradise :)
  • Honey-waterlovers
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  • Fabulous Staff, Service, Food and Stunning Location ~ Dined Only
  • Total Perfection
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  • Luxury tented camp
  • Nice camp and great game drive
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  • Care for details and good amenities
  • Highly recommend, but please read carefully to set your expectations
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