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  • Wow - this would be a fabulous hotel anywhere in the world!
  • Great Luxurious Boutique
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  • I would highly recommend this hotel to couples, families, friends, and anyone who wants a luxurious piece of nature at Lake Atitlan. It is a wonderful experience.
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  • Absolutely stunning hotel / wonderful experience!
  • Fantastic Hotel #1 for a reason
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  • Long Weekend Chill
  • A little oasis in Antigua
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  • Beautiful and relaxing place, Impeccably clean and extremely lovely personnel
  • Perfect, quiet, beautiful, impeccably clean
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  • Amazig Hospitality!!!
  • We loved the Cirilo!
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  • Beautiful Business & Networking Event!
  • Can I live here?
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  • One of my favorite hotels in the world
  • Beautiful oasis close to everything
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  • Gorgeous place to stay
  • A very special place to stay
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  • Peace, luxury and tranquility after roughing it in the jungle
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