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  • The rooms are very romantic – decorated with a combination of Asian antiques and modern touches.  A wonderful hotel on all fronts.
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  • Good location, modern and resort-like
  • Superb choice for our first visit to Kyoto
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  • Fantastic views in the corner king room
  • Great location
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  • Good rate for a quality stay
  • Great MyStays
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  • A Great Place With A Great Value
  • Chloe kok
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  • The Corner Room_Experience :-)
  • Fantastic
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  • a charming 3 generation japanese ryokan beautifully located and kind of art museum!
  • A luxurious modern ryokan
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  • Very modern, brilliant location
  • Got a very good deal
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  • Excellent hotel near the royal palace
  • Beautiful view!
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  • Taste of Heaven
  • Perfect !
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