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  • Classy, gorgeous, free food all day
  • Dead sea resort
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  • Without doubt the best hotel at the best location in Tel Aviv
  • Wonderful boutique hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv
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  • Excellent choice in Tel Aviv
  • Very Nice Hotel
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  • Magnificient stay at CUCU
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  • BRILLIANT HOTEL in an even more BRILLIANT location
  • Fantastic designer hotell in excellent location
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  • I wish I could own that kind of hotel
  • Great breakfast
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  • a lovely boutique hotel in the German Colony of Jerusalem.
  • The Best Boutique Hotel
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  • the name means THE Place and that's what it is in deed
  • beautiful place very big room excelent pool and jacuzzi ' clean and well designed
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  • Spectacular!!!
  • Blissful Beresheet
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  • Worth the money! Best hotel stay to date
  • We came back and would come back again
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