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  • Private, peaceful, perfect. The accommodation, resort gardens, service, food—10/10. What makes it even more special is the individual attention of the excellent staff.
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  • Very recommended!
  • Heaven in the Spice Island
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  • The villas are spacious and nicely furnished, the gardens and pool are very well maintained. The food was excellent and varied and the quality of the staff and service were impeccable. This is a wonderful place for a complete chill out.
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  • Everything about this hotel is top notch
  • Relaxing holidays
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  • Fabulous opulence with the most amazing view
  • Service was truly above&Beyond
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  • Best experiance Great Hotel Great People
  • Best beach resort experience in Zanzibar
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  • Simply Fantastic!
  • Romantic Getaway
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  • The name of this place doesn't lie!
  • True Paradise
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  • Decadent beauty, romance, and magic
  • Emerse yourself in the local culture
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  • Fantastic, comfortable, spacious, relaxing beach resort getaway
  • Top class hotel
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