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  • Perfect !
  • Norshipping 2019
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  • A place to relax
  • an idyllic gem
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  • Paradise on earth!
  • Epic but...
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  • Amazing hidden gem in the mountains
  • Romantic getaway for mountain lovers
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  • I wouldn’t stay anywhere else
  • Excellent stay at Hotel
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  • I redecorated my house after this place
  • Discover Norway Cycling Trip
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  • Wonderful view from a wonderful hotel!
  • Absolutely Wonderful
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  • Norway in a nutshell - beauty, tranquility, down to earth luxury
  • Luxurious forest and fjord retreat
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  • Breath taking landscape and delicious meals with wounderful hospsitality
  • Spectacular views, the views makes the hotel worth it
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  • A wooden masterpiece
  • A Wedding fairytale
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