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  • Great Location,Nice Rooms & Great Service
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  • Best hotel experience ever!
  • charming hotel
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  • Fantastic find with a grand view
  • A Fantastic Place- Five Stars or Higher
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  • Nice hotel and one of the best SPA ever
  • Great, romantic and relaxing
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  • Wonderful place to stay in Rondane
  • Another wonderful week at Hovringen!
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  • Stunning Scenery, Quiet Solitude
  • Rustic Family Owned Hotel With Beautiful Views
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  • Excellent place for people with food allergies
  • Beautiful hotel in the mountains!
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  • This is the place to stay in Geiranger
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  • you can't ask for a better location. And quiet after the crowds leave
  • Fabulous hotel great location and good sized rooms
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  • Our favorite hotel on a Scandinavia trip
  • A lovely hotel with balcony views and relaxing lounge area.
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