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  • Hyper modern five stars hotel in the heart of the business district of Oslo
  • Stylish, Modern
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  • Beautiful Family-Owned/Loved Hotel in the Fjords
  • Fjord Serenity with World Class Hospitality
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  • Quite an Experience! Do check, though.........
  • A great lunch and tour of the hotel!
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  • A Hotel with a magnificent view
  • Perfect oasis for meetings and pleasure
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  • Wonderful place to stay in Rondane
  • Another wonderful week at Hovringen!
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  • Magical Getaway - all 62 Nord Hotels and recommendations were exceptional
  • Fantastic Romantic Hotel Above the Fjord
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  • Excellent place for people with food allergies
  • Beautiful hotel in the mountains!
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  • Great hotel at a great location, newly remodeled
  • Wonderful Stay at the Grand Fjord Hotel
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  • Stunnng water fjord views and location, brewery w good food
  • Very good hotel
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  • Lovely hotel with beautiful views
  • Beautiful setting on the fjord at very nice hotel
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