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  • Excellent hotel in the heart of Valletta
  • Perfect Location for sightseeing.
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  • Perfect home away from home
  • Mums birthday
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  • Excellent Stylish Model Boutique Hotel, Must Visit !
  • A Delightful Hotel
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  • Not cheap but worth it for a short break.
  • Everything you could need and more.
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  • Excellent hotel: great location
  • Excellent hotel and staff - a treat for my birthday!
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  • My Solo Trip to a Special Place
  • family weekend break
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  • One of the best hotels in Malta
  • "Manifique"
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  • Best Luxury hotel in the Maltese islands!
  • Excellent stay
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  • Paradise in the Mediterranean !
  • Fabulous
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  • Short break in Gozo
  • Another Perfect stay
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