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  • Black out shades and Scandinavian style make for serious comfort!
  • Four or Five "bullets"...what to do.....hmmmm
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  • Comfortable Rooms, Excellent Location for Shopping and Restaurants
  • All you need for a satisfying stay in Reykjavik
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  • Beautiful location, excellent room.
  • French Connection on the Fjörđ
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  • Very nice!
  • Looking forward to returning
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  • Amazing setting for our wedding
  • Not Perfect, But Very Good
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  • Perfect, walked to almost everything
  • Such a nice place
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  • Beautiful hotel. Excellent service!!!
  • Best accoms of our trip
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  • Diamond in the rough
  • Perfect for us!
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  • Great place to relax, recharge and enjoy the crazy scenery!
  • Am I in a dream??
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  • Beautiful location, warm welcome and comfortable stay
  • Very nice hotel if you don't mind being out of town
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