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  • A relaxing and cozy place to stay
  • Exceptional Conference Experience
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  • Magical, thoughtful and nurturing!
  • In good hands
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  • Passionate independent hoteliers...they do still exist
  • Quaint
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  • Lovely hotel with great staff and location
  • Great hotel and location
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  • Two night stay
  • Idyllic Country Escape
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  • Friendly hotel . Excellent facilities.
  • Very happy with this hotel
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  • Delightful oasis with outstandingly good staff
  • Expensive but worth it!
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  • A Danish Geme on the top of Jylland
  • Amazing hotel and restaurant - the best service you could expect, and more
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  • Easily the best place in Nyhavn!
  • Best place to stay for water lovers!
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  • Fantastic hotel, friendly staff, clean and comfortable rooms and great location
  • Whistle stop tour of København
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