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  • Excellent place to stay close to Le Morne
  • The Must-Stay Place in Le Morne
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  • Fabulous hosts, Spacious, tasteful rooms. Great base to explore from.
  • Hospitality beyond usual
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  • Very charming boutique hotel with tastefully decorated rooms, delicious food and friendly staff
  • Fabulous location, and very friendly staff.
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  • Voile Bleue Team goes to great Extent to make you feel at home....
  • Fantastic
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  • Wonderful hotel in an ideal location
  • Very Nice Hotel
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  • Lovely, tranquil and friendly place
  • Journey to bleu de toi!!!!
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  • Peaceful Retreat
  • A little oasis
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  • Lovely holiday thank you!
  • Paradise.
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  • Perfect location for exploring activities
  • Just Right!
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  • Beyond perfection - a special place
  • A faboulous experience
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