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  • A lot of places to stay in Zanzibar BUT this is THE place to stay on a beautiful beach!
  • Beautiful Hotel with Lots of Character
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  • Wow - this resort is a must-visit!
  • Exceptional stay in absolute paradise
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  • Probably the best place place on the East Coast - shhhh..!
  • Great stay and supporting local communities
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  • Excellent place for a relaxing holiday
  • Very nice place to stay in Zanzibar
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  • More then a B&B: A second home in Moshi!
  • Wonderfully welcoming
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  • excellent paradise retreat
  • Beautiful Stay
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  • Tranquil and relaxed home away from home
  • Excellent B&B in great location
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  • A place of peace in the mountains
  • Molto accogliente!
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  • Fantastic beach, very relaxing experience.
  • Great night at Crazy Monday
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  • Fantastic stay with great staff
  • Beautiful experience
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