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  • Christmas 2017
  • Outstanding
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  • Great Apartments or Excellent B&B
  • Great place, exactly as it should be
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  • The nicest couple run this place!
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  • Very fine hotelik and very fine hotel hostess
  • Clean, safe, local info - the perfect accommodation!!!!
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  • Beautiful, cosy, elegant, friendly.
  • A Genuinely Delightful Place...
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  • Wonderful winter holidays at lovely Willa Dewajtis!
  • Still just as good as it has always been!
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  • Perfect location, very welcoming & cheerful place
  • Highly Recommended!
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  • Great finding- beauty and nice place to stay
  • Amazing find - perfect hospitality, beautiful location
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  • Lovely place to stay
  • Very Good
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  • Looking forward to the opportunity to stay at Chopin Boutique B&B again
  • Comfortable and welcoming B&B in excellent location
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