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  • Wonderful evening meal
  • My First visit to the Maji
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  • Beautiful hotel. Beautiful people
  • Most beautiful hotel and the best service ever
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  • Amazing Mara Experience, Highly Recommended
  • 5 STAR Safari weekend
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  • As good as it gets
  • Five stars from me is rare!
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  • Where adventure and beach hang out meet!
  • Perfect place to relax after busy safari
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  • Amazing in lo-season. Gorgeous resort, friendly staff and excellent perks (Free kitesurfing, kayaking)
  • Best place to relax after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
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  • Very nice stay +++ Absolute recommendation
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  • Superb.... place to unwind with nature & relax
  • Beautiful Hotel with great service
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  • Kenyan hospitality at its very best
  • So tranquil
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  • Amazing even though the weather was bad.
  • Anni & Jens Bang
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