00 ( zero zero ) is the International Access (Dial) Code you use to call overseas from 'within' Argentina.   

54 ( five four ) is the International Country (Calling) Code for Argentina.

Area or City ( STD ) codes for the major cities of Argentina.

  • To call:
  • 1.       …to the interior:  Dial 0(zero), the prefix of the corresponding locality, the number
  • 2.      …abroad: Dial 00 (double zero), the prefix of the respective country, the number
  • When calling from abroad use the prefix of 54; to call to telephones located in the city of Buenos Aires, add the local code 11.

Calling from the US to an Argentina cell phone:

  • 011- To make an International call
    54 - Argentina country code
    9 - For all Cell phones in Argentina (this is only when dialing from outside Argentina)
    11- Buenos Aires area code (for example)
    xxxx-xxxx -Phone number
  • For example:

Note that not all area codes and phone numbers have the same number of digits. For example, to dial from the US to a Bariloche cell phone rather than a Buenos Aires one:

  • 011- To make an International call
    54 - Argentina country code
    9 - For all Cell phones in Argentina (this is only when dialing from outside Argentina)
    2944- Bariloche area code (4 digits, rather than two)
    xxx-xxx -Phone number (6 digists, rather than 8)

Calling from Argentina to the USA:

1.  For short occasional calls your best option is to use one of the many locutorios you will find throughout the city.   Upon entering a locutorio you will be assigned a numbered booth by the attendant. The booth will have a chair or stool and a door that closes for privacy though they generally are made of plexiglass so you can see and be seen by everyone around you.  The booth will typically have a cumulative electronic display on the wall showing the length and cost of your call.  You direct dial the call yourself to your home country.  When you are finished you hang up, note the cost of your call and pay the attendant.   During the summer the booths can be a bit stuffy and hot. 

2.  If you wish to call from your hotel or apartment and you want to avoid their surcharges you can purchase a pre-paid phone card that allows you to contact a toll-free number in Argentina.  These are available online and through some retail locations in the Unted States. After connecting with the toll free number and keying in your card's pin number you can proceed to direct dial your home country.   The rates per minute for these cards are moderate but generally less than the cost of direct dialing through your hotel's phone system.  These cards can also be used with payphones in the event you are in an area not serviced by a locutorio.

3.  If you need to speak to someone from the United States for an extended period of time your best option is to have them call you at a specified time and place typically your hotel or apartment.  Prepaid phone cards for calls orgininating in the United States to Argentina can charge as little as penny a minute though many have monthly fees that increase the per minutes cost. Nevertheless, for long conversations this is your best option.  

 Cell Phones:

Approximately 50% of all USA and Canadian SIM cards do work in Argentina and all AT&T and T-Mobile phones do as they are GSM and work on the same 1900/850 MHz as used in the USA. However, please note that in rurual areas, 850 Mhz is the prevalent band and many T-Mobile phones only use the 1900 frequency.

Roaming with a USA carrier is very expensive, a few dollars per minute. A better option is to purchase a Argentine SIM card either once you arrive in Argentina SIM card or prior to your departure.