There is no such thing as standard public transportation in Kinshasa, so travelers should not even bother considering looking in to it as an option for getting around.  The roads of the surrounding area are simply not up to any sort of quality to be able to handle a bus system even if there was one so it is not likely that one will be in existence any time soon.  Additionally, were there to be public transportation in the area, it is likely that travelers would be advised against using it because of the safety risks associated with travel throughout Kinshasa.  More information about said safety risks can be learned online at .

There is some limited transportation for getting to and from Kinshasa.  There is a highly limited train which runs to the area.  There is also a ferry system which is frequently used.  More information about these public transportation arrival, departure and day trip options can be learned about online at .

Travelers will find that getting around is best done via taxi.  This may be considered a form of public transportation in that taxis in the area sometimes pick up more than one party of passengers at a time.  More information about this option and other ways of getting around can be learned at .