There is really only one way to get around Kinshasa safely and that is to hire a taxi to take you to everywhere that you want to go.  Rental cars simply are not a viable option.  They are not readily available and it is not particularly safe to travel alone throughout the area.  Similarly, while many of the areas in town are small enough to navigate on foot, safety concerns make it impossible to do so.  For more information about the nature of these safety concerns, see .

Taxis have a counterpart in Kinshasa which is driver hire.  For all intents and purposes, they are the same thing – you hire someone to take you around in a car that is not yours.  The former is less expensive but is generally used for going short distances.  The latter is used for longer distances and for tours.  The latter is best if you are not interested in riding with people who are not in your traveling party as the former occasionally pick up second parties while the first party is still in the taxi.

Taxi drivers generally speak enough English to be able to communicate basic information about where you want to go and what the rate for the ride will be.   They often do not speak more English than this, although some do.   Travelers should stay alert during the ride to make sure that they are headed in the intended direction.