By air:   The Kinshasa Airport is the main method of arrival in the area.   Travelers should make sure to have someone meet them at the airport, even if it is just someone from their hotel staff.   This is due to safety concerns associated with travel through the airport.   For the most part, common sense precautions will prevent such problem but travelers can learn more about them at .   Travelers can read reviews of this method of arrival written by travelers who have experienced it by visiting .

By boat:  Travelers can reach Kinshasa by ferry, traveling along the Congo River.  Many people travel by ferry between Kinshasa and the capital city of Brazzaville which is located just across the river.  Ferries also come from areas such as Bangui and Kisangani, although it is more frequent to get to Kinshasa first and to travel from ferry to those locations than to do the opposite.

By road:  It is highly unlikely that travelers will rent a car in the area.  If they do so, they can take the road from major locations such as Matadi.  However, most of the country is too poor to have paved roads so it is not recommended to even consider this as a method of reaching the area.

By train:   There is limited train service throughout Kinshasa .   This is not a convenient method of getting to the area but may be considered by adventurous travelers.