There is currently not any good time of the year to head to Kinshasa for a vacation because of the numerous risks associated with travel to the area.  For more information about safety risks which should be of concern to travelers, check out .

Should the situation in Kinshasa become safe enough for vacation travel, the time of year to head to the area is generally the summer.  Beginning in May and continuing through September, there is very little rain and the temperature is generally considered nice, averaging between sixty five and eighty degrees throughout the day.

The rainy season begins in late September or early October and continues on all the way through April.   During this time, temperatures are high and humidity makes it feel even hotter.   The average low temperature during this season is a warm eighty five degrees and it frequently gets hotter than one hundred degrees during the hottest months.   Travelers will also find that the bugs, particularly mosquitoes, tend to enjoy this hot weather and emerge in droves during this time of year.


Travelers seeking additional information about Kinshasa ’s climate will find out more at .   Travelers can get updated weather information for the area at BBC Weather ( ) or Hello Metro ( ).