Travel to Kinshasa is generally not advised because of the safety risks associated with the area.  The entire area surrounding Kinshasa has been known to have a turbulent and violent past and it is currently in a state of flux which means that political and social upheaval may cause problems in the area at any time.  Warfare in the area is common and there are periodic bouts of fighting in the area on a semi-regular basis.  These sometimes result in riots in the larger cities of the area, of which Kinshasa is one.  As recently as 2005, civilians in the area were killed during such riots.

Travelers who do decide to go to Kinshasa should be extra aware of the political situation at the time of travel.  They should stay up to date on the news while they are there.  Travelers from the United States should be sure to check the official website for international travel warnings to see what the advisory is at the time of travel.  That website can be accessed at .

In terms of risks, the busiest parts of the city are the most dangerous.   This includes the airport and the downtown area.   Travelers trying to get to safer areas should spend some time in the local forest area which is protected by guards.