The neighborhoods of Kinshasa are very distinct, reflecting the economic disparity of the area.  There are some neighborhoods which are very beautiful and luxurious and then there are some neighborhoods which are filled with poverty.  These neighborhoods exist side by side in Kinshasa so that the poor constantly have to look at the lives of the rich around them (and vice versa I suppose).

There are a few specific neighborhoods which Kinshasa visitors should know about.  For example, the Zone de Matonge is the neighborhood where travelers are most likely going to go to experience the local nightlife.  Travelers should know that this neighborhood is relatively safe in comparison with other places at night in the area but there are still safety risks associated with being out at night here.  See for additional safety information.

The Cite de l’OUA is the neighborhood where local governmental offices are located.   Gombe is the neighborhood which is home to many of the residents living in Kinshasa today.   Although it is not a neighborhood, it should be noted that Brazzaville , which is the capital of the larger area, is located directly across the Congo River and is visible from the shores of the Kinshasa side of that river.