Situated 14 degrees north of the equator, Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate with maximum temperatures averaging 32C all year round.

Main Festivals
  • January 7 : Liberation Day, celebrating the fall of the Khmer Rouge
  • Mid-April : Cambodian New Year
  • May 1 : International Labor Day
  • Late September : P'chum Ben Day,"Ancestors' Day"(offerings made to deceased relatives)
  • November 1 : King Sihanouk's Birthday
  • November 9 : Independence Day
  • Early November : Bon Om Dteuk,"WaterFestival"
Hot Season: March - May
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
24 - 37 oC 70mm The northeast monsoon brings high temperatures and low rainfall to Cambodia . These months, especially April, can be very hot with high humidity.
Rainy Season: June - October
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
24 - 32 oC 193mm The southwest monsoon brings heavy rains - usually during the afternoon.
Dry Season: November - February
Av tem Av rainfall Overview
22 - 31 oC 47mm Daytime temperatures can remain high, nights become much more refreshing with an average temperature of 22C.


Good historical climate and weather statistics can be found at Siem Reap Weather and Phnom Phen Weather along with up-to-the-moment reports of weather at their respective airports.