The rich history of Yerevan, dating back several hundred years, provides for a number of interesting and historically significant things to do and see in the city.  One of the most sobering of these is the Genocide Memorial located in Tsitsernakaberd Park on a high hill overlooking the city.  The memorial commemorates the deaths of the over 1.5 million Armenian people who were killed by the Turks during the early part of the 20th Century.  The memorial, a very tall structure made of 12 stone blocks said to represent the 12 provinces of the country, can be seen from most points in Yerevan.  There is also a museum at the memorial.  Admission is free, but donations are suggested. 

Also to see in Yerevan is Matenadaran Manuscript Museum which houses and preserves several important documents and manuscripts from ancient Greece, Rome, Syria and other past civilizations.  Most of the documents here are in Armenian, having been translated from their original languages by scholars hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  In many cases the Armenian translations of these documents are the only copies in existence.  The museum also contains Bibles and other books.  The museum is located downtown near the state university. Indeed a really interesting museum to visit , there are excellent guides there , able to give all the informations you want.

Another fascinating museum is MARTIROS SARIAN , dedicated to this famous armenian painter from century XX. You can see his captivating paintings of eastern landscapes and so does his large studium remained as it was.