Due its high elevation and poorly maintained roads in the country, the best way to get to Yerevan is by air.  The city, Armenia's capitol, has its own international airport, Zvarnots International.  The airport is Armenia's largest, serving flights from various other European cities including London, Paris, Moscow, Athens and Vienna.  However, Zvarnots Airport is still quite small when compared others in Europe and serves only a handful of flag carriers.  The passenger facilities as Zvarnots may also not be up to the standards of some other airports in Europe, as Armenia is still in a phase of redevelopment since the country became free from the Soviet Union over ten years ago.

On arrival some travellers such as those from the UK require a visa. It is quite easy to obtain this on arrival. A 21 day visa costs AMD3000 and a photo is not required. You would be advised to take sufficient American dollars as there is a change office and a cashpoint by the visa office. Change money first before the queue starts! Then fill in the piece of paper and go to the window with you cash. If you need a visa beyond 21 days you are advised to buy the correct length at this time as getting an extension from the police station is difficult and time consuming - check with Armenian Embassy of your country in advance of travelling about visas that suit you best.

Getting into the city of Yerevan from the airport is best done by taxi - expect to pay AMD5000 although the correct fare is more like AMD2000.  Driving in the country is definitely not recommended for foreigners because of the bad condition of the roads, the alarming driving habits of the locals and the ever increasing accident rate.  Buses from the airport are also available, but often have unreliable schedules.Minibus (Marshrutka)is also available from the airport to reach the city center, right after arrival turn right and until you reach the corner of the building, you will find the minibus number 18 which will cost you 200 AMD (0.50 USD).

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