The United States consulate in Armenia has issued a few warnings and suggestions for American travelers planning on visiting the country.  While in the Armenia, the consulate warns, international visitors are sometimes put under surveillance by local authorities. What this means is that your hotel room and telephone may be bugged or monitored.  If you are not breaking any laws this is not generally an issue, but it is good to at least be aware of the possibility.

Violent crimes in Armenia and in its capitol Yerevan are fairly uncommon, but the U.S. consulate warns of other crimes such as pick pocketing and petty thefts, especially at night.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that many businesses in Yerevan, including some hotels outside of Yerevan, only accept cash.  Most merchants will take Euros and U.S. dollars, and in Yerevan and major cities, you can find ATMs (Bankomats).