Armenia offers something for everyone in terms of seasons.  Here is a breakdown of what to look forward to or avoid, depending on your personal taste.

SPRING (March-May)

Spring starts in March. Flowers start to bloom, the country start to turn green, and by the end of Spring and early summer things are getting greener and greener, peaking in early summer.  Cafes start to open again on the streets, and by late Spring some fresh seasonal berries hit the markets.  The large differences in elevation mean that Spring comes at different times in different places, with the higher elevations warming up the latest.  This is Yerevan's wettest season, so bring an umbrella.

SUMMER (June-August)

 With early summer still being green and nice out, the cafes start to do a bustling business.  In July, the heat hits, and doesn't let up until the end of August.  The tempratures often hit 40 C (100F), and can stay there for a week or two at a time.  It is a dry heat, but a hot one.  The nights are light until very late, since Armenia is at the east end of its time zone, and people sit at cafes till late hours, sipping on teas and having beers.  Now, a lot of fruits and vegetables are available and the food is fresh and varied. Up in the mountains, the wildflowers are beautiful.

AUTUMN (September-November)

Fall is the highest season for tourists.  September and October see a large influx of toursts, and for good reason.  The tempratures are very comfortable, and the harvests mean delicious food.  The countryside by now has dried out in much of the country, but only the dry parts of Armenia.

WINTER (December-February)

Cold and dry.  It can hit -20C in Yerevan on the coldest nights of winter, and though there is little snowfall, what does fall tends to stay put through January/February. Outdoor cafes are closed, and the restaurants get very smoky, as non-smoking legislation is ignored.  There is ice skating in Swan Lake (by the Opera House), skiing in the countryside, and many of the attractions are beautiful and abandoned in the winter, under the snow.