Zimbabwe has two main local languages Shona and Ndebele.  The  Capital city (Harare) is in Mashonaland so Shona is the language you will here on the streets.   In towns almost everyone you meet will speak some and probably very good English.


here are some of the basics in Shona

Good Morning = Mamuka sei (pronounced se-yi) (how did you wake up?) - answer Amuka (woke up) or Mushe (good)  or Amuka mushe

Good Afternoon = Maskati

Good Evening = Manheru (pronouned mah ne-ru)

 Thank You = Tatenda   or Maitabasa




Ndebele, more commonly spoke in Matebeland, cities like Bulawayo and Victoria Falls


Hello = Sani Bonani

Thank You = Siya Bonga