Telephone Info for ALL Visitors

000 is the International Direct Dial Code you use to call overseas from within Tanzania.

255 is the International Country Code for calling Tanzania.

TTCL website 

City Area Landline Telephone Codes

022 - Dar es Salaam Region
023 - Coast, Morogoro, Mtwara and Lindi Regions
024 - Zanzibar (including Unguja and Pemba) Regions
025 - Mbeya, Ruvuma and Rukwa Regions
026 - Dodoma, Iringa, Tabora and Singida Regions
027 - Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Tanga Regions
028 - Mwanza, Mara, Shinyanga, Kagera and Kigoma Regions

Mobile Telephone Codes/Operators

071 Tigo 
075 Vodacom (T) Ltd.
077 Zantel 
078 Airtel


Emergency Telephone Number

112- emergency (police, ambulance, fire)

Speaking Clock

119 - exact time in English   
120 - exact time in Swahili

Cell phones are very numerous in Tanzania and coverage is close to being everywhere.  Because of this, pay phones are no longer available. Phones from abroad that have removable SIM cards and are not locked by the provider will be able to accept a Tanzanian SIM card. The cost for a card is approximately $1 USD. Prepaid credit is available nearly everywhere.  Cell phones can be found for around $20 USD and up. Many internet cafes have SKYPE or another call service avaiable to make international calls.