This island has three main neighborhoods of interest to tourists:  San Pedro town, north of town and south of town.

Whether you are coming from mainland Belize by airplane or ferry, you will arrive in downtown San Pedro.  This is the commercial center of the island, where, in addition to the airport and ferry docks, you'll find several banks, restaurants, shops, hotels, dive shops, and tour operators.  The town is only about three blocks wide and a mile long, so it's easy to explore by foot and hard to get lost.  Shops here tend to close during lunch hours, and restaurants often close in the afternoons between lunch and dinner.  One exception is Fido's Courtyard, a major center of activity, centrally located on the beach, offering food and bar service throughout the day, as well as gift shops selling local art, crafts and jewelry. 

Just north of San Pedro town lies a cut in the island, which acts as a natural division between downtown and parts north.  North of town is home to many of the island's more upscale resorts, such as Captain Morgan's and Belizean Shores.  A few restaurants are located in this area, although choices are much more limited than in town.  This area has more of a peaceful and secluded feel, compared to the bustle of San Pedro.  It's really too far to walk (about 4 miles) between San Pedro and points north, but the Island Ferry operates on a regular schedule, and golf carts can be rented in town or at most resorts.

South of San Pedro is primarily a residential area, although it does have some restaurants, resorts and markets as well.