When visiting Belize, it is important to know what to wear. The climate is subtropical with annual average temperature of 80 degrees F.   Belize has such a variety of conditions, that a variety of clothing items are needed if you are visiting more than one area of the country. If your stay includes JUNGLE or BEACH time, long sleeve lightweight shirts and nylon quick dry pants protect you from bugs and branches. Ideally, try to find the kind of pants that zip off into shorts so you can pack less and have more variety. Boots or sturdy trail shoes are helpful for jungle treks. You will also need  a rugged pair of sport/water sandals such as Keens, Columbias or Tevas. The flimsy water shoes available at the corner store will not hold up to the activities. Walking rocky riverbeds leads to swimming in caves, both of which can be accomplished with a rugged pair of sport sandals. If you are going to be spending time on BEACHES AND ISLANDS, think flip flops. Wear some type of footwear all the time because wood warps and nails rust on the islands. You will want to spend your time snorkeling and sipping coconut milk under a palm tree, not getting a tetanus shot. In fact, getting a tetanus shot before your trip is wise. For Belize in general, think light, breezy and quick drying. If you prefer to pack minimally, think multi-purpose.  For example, ladies can use a sarong as a skirt, a casual dress, a bathrobe and a beach towel. You will hardly ever have a need for dress up clothes or high heels unless you are in Belize City, Belmopan or one of the bigger towns and wish to go for a lovely formal dinner.