There are only two entry points to enter the country by road into Belize. The Northern Highway coming from Mexico or the Western Highway coming in from Guatemala. At both entry points the process is as follows. You will have to get your vehicle fumigated prior to proceeding to immigration and customs. The cost is $11.00 Belize and takes about 5 minutes. You will take the receipt with you showing this has been done to your vehicle into Immigration. At Immigration you will get your passport stamped and asked if you have a vehicle. You will then need to provide your original title and registation. You will be given a statmp in your passport stating that you have bought a vehicle into the county.

This stamp basically says that you can not hire out your vehilce, sell it etc and that if you leave the country you must take it with you. Additionally if you have this stamp in your passport and try to fly out of the country you will not be allowed. Unless you have paid the customs duty, or if  the car was destoryed by a wreck etc. Either way you will have to account for your vehicle if you are trying to leave the country without it.

Also you will get a Temporary Vehicle Imporatation Permit, which is good for 30 days. You can extend this permit every time you extend you passport for up to 90 days. After 90 days you will be asked to pay duty on the vehicle and then you can purchase a Belize license plate.

After getting all you documents stamps you will proceed outside and drive your vehicle through customes. they will check all of your paperwork again and look at the contents of your vehicle.

Once you have cleared customes and are legally in the country head to the first insurance company you see and purchase vehicle insurance. It's not expensive and will keep you out of a lot of trouble if you are stopped and you will be stopped! Many times there are police check points and that is the first thing they check before asking for your license is that you have proof of insurance.

Some things to consider. Ensure your car is in good working order and you have good tires and suspension, and that all your lights and horn works. A 4x4 is not a must but it's good to have if you plan on getting off the beaten path. Car parts are not readily avalible so it's a good idea to bring extra filters, wiper blades, spark plugs, belts etc. You can get many parts from Autozone in Mexico (Chetumal) sometimes. Gas is also $6.00 a gallon as of this writing and has been for sometime. Most stations only carry Diesel and Premuim. It's a good idea to keep a gas can in your car as sometimes the stations are out of gas and a bottle of octane boost if you run across a station that ony has regular and your car requires premium.

Don't speed, try not to drive at night and plan to take twice as long as you would plan to go in the states for the same distance. There are many hazzards on the road. Bicycles, animal drawn carts, people walking, buses, other cars without lights and more. Slow down and enjoy the drive. 

So in a nutshell these are the steps for both border crossing:

Cost for visas: $0

Cost for vehicle: $5.50 USD for fumigation, $30 USD for 1 month insurance

  1. Go to the Mexican/Guatemala immigration booth, hand in your tourist cards and have your passport stamped.
  2. Go to the Mexican Banjercito and have your Vehicle Import Permit cancelled and your vehicle deposit ($200-400) refunded. (If entering from Mexico) If you plan to come back through Mexico, keep your sticker.
  3. Drive over the bridge.
  4. Stop at the fumigation area to have your car sprayed.
  5. Park in the marked lot outside the immigration building.
  6. Go to the immigration counter and have your passports stamped or visas issued.
  7. Go to the customs counter, present your vehicle title and registation, and get an import permit.
  8. Go back to the car and drive through the gate, an official may inspect the contents of your vehicle, the VIN and the plates to make sure they match the permit.
  9. Go to the Insurance office and buy mandatory insurance for the duration of your stay in Belize.
  10. Put the insurance sticker on your car windshield.