GST (Goods and Services Tax) came into effect in Belize on July 1, 2006. This 12.5% tax is added to almost all goods and services in Belize with the exception of food.  But check to make sure that you receive a GST invoice with the business's TIN (tax identification number) on it.  Small traders / street vendors may not be registered for GST and therefore should not be charging it.

Hotel accommodation is exempt because a separate 9% hotel accommodation tax is already being collected.  Certain services may bear the GST, for example purchases in a gift shop of the hotel.  If they apply for it, some hotels are also approved by the Belize Tourism Board to charge a 'Service Charge' which may range up to 10% of accommodation cost.  The Service Charge is intended to be channelled to staff of the facility as an incentive to always seek to provide optimal customer service