Returning to Skiathos after a 10-year hiatus, it was great to see signage (hurrah) and more paved roads. A recently "paved" road is to the Kastro  - an ancient village in ruins on the opposite side of the island to Skiathos (town). This old village has a road that goes about 85% to your destination although the road is very steep, bumpy and full of tight curves so be sure that your car is prepared for the trip! There is a small taverna at the parking circle and then it's a hike in. Wear good shoes and enjoy the walk along the cliffs including several old churches, houses and field stones marking ancient gardens.  Once you're done, there's a narrow path that leads down to the beautiful beach -- an yet another taverna. This taverna's proprietor hand-carries everything in and has constructed his little cafe out of found objects on the beach. A fun story and a nice respite after a hot day's walk around an unusal place.