There is plenty of information about Madeira available online, and should be looked at by those planning a trip to the island.

A good place to begin doing some research is on the Official Tourism Webpage of Madeira .  This site provides useful information for both the first time traveler as well as the returning visitor to the islands.  The “Discover Madeira” link is a great resource for those unfamiliar with the area.  Here, one will find facts about its location, climate, history, and transportation options.  For a visual taste of what the island looks like, check out the Picture Gallery .  Other useful links include “Travel Agencies”, “Restaurants”, “What to Do”, and “Events”.

Another great site offering tons of information and links is the Madeira Webpage.  This site provides similar information as the tourism website, but with little extras such as web-cams, and detailed weather reports.

A great way to get to know an unfamiliar area better is by studying its geography.  Make sure to look at the Map of the Madeira Islands, and the Map of Madeira before setting off on a trip.  Note that Madeira is built vertically due to its landscape, so short distances can be misleading!

For detailed weather information on the island, check out the Madeira Ten Day Forecast , or the Temperature and Precipitation Averages Page.

Once you're in Madeira, you will find that it's easy to get tourist information.  There are plenty of storefronts for tours, and most hotels will be able to provide general guidance on what to see or do.