Visitors enjoy its gentle climate all year round. So, opportunities for walking, visiting nearby towns, and indulging in water sports are guaranteed, no matter what month you go. That’s why you will find many British and Europeans from Northern countries in Winter. Since the 1920’s, the town and its nearby resorts have been a place chosen also by writers and artists to avoid the rough Winter of the North.

But, Spring is a spectacular season, no wonder with the incredible collections of plants and gardens that can be admired in villas, plazas, streets all blossoming at once!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and ensure a boisterous Summer, Santa Margherite organizes every year in February the Festa di Primavera. Over the days of the festival, there is good food, fun gatherings on the beach, and nightly events with huge fires on the beach. As a symbol that the Winter is over, two puppets are burnt in the fire. Refreshments and munchies are offered along the seaside promenade and on the beach.