Go back in time and lose yourself in the atmosphere of old architecture and the splendour of past times. From the famous fairy-tale castle in Neuschwanstein to medieval fortresses, there a many styles and periods to be admired. The many kings and emperors left a magnificent variety of castles and palaces, the famous Sanssouci in Potsdam and the Hohenzollern Castle towering over Zimmern. You can follow the Roman Road or the Fairy Tale Route or the Romantic Road to name a few scenic routes and always find a large number of well restored castles, palaces and stately homes.

The parks and gardens of Germany come in all shapes in sizes. Whether you enjoy the architectural design of Palace Gardens or prefer English or Botanical or Ornamental Garden, Germany has such a variety and number of parks and green spaces that will please every nature enthusiast. For the non-gardener, there are of course the nature and national parks.