For a country whose pace is laid-back compared to the the Western World, France's public tranportation systems are among the largest and fastest in the world: consider the Concorde, the high-speed TVG (Trains a Grande Vitesse) rail system, and Air France, one of world's largest airlines. 

France's road system is ever-expanding and improving, giving the driver better and better access to both provincial and metropolitan areas. Car rental companies are well represented: Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Dollar, to name a few. Car rental is a pretty good idea, and with the freedom it affords, the idea way to travel in Provence.

It does tend to be expensive, however, especially if the rental contract is initiated in-country. Your better off reserving your car in your home country before departing. can help with that. A valid driver's licence and proof of insurance is all that's neccessary to procure a vehicle. Be sure to ask if the vehicle you rent is up to spec regarding any special requirements. Fines are heavy for negligence on the renter's part, and YOU end up paying.

Parking is not usually much of a problem in Provence, except in the heavier tourist times, when little villages can get filled to capacity. The farther inland you travel, the better traffic and parking conditions get.