Hotel in city centre?

I am planning a trip to CJ with my wife within the next 3 months. It will be either by bus or car, also visiting Lorena.

Some questions:

1. Does anybody know a reasonably priced hotel in the city centre, as near as possible to the coach station? (Which is better - Abernéssia or Capivari)? Most of the hotels we have found are miles away, in the middle of the jungle. We don't want this, my wife is worried about bugs and mosquitoes.

2. Would it be better to stay in CJ or to stay in São José dos Campos and do CJ as a day trip?

3. If we go by car, which is the three routes is best: São José/CJ, Taubaté/CJ or Pindamonhangaba/CJ? We shall be coming from Lorena, then to CJ and back to Jundiaí where we live.