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Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

Yerevan, Armenia
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Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

I was in Tbilisi 5 days ago with my friend for a short trip, so the last night of our trip we decided to walk around in the evening time in popular Shardeni street in Tbilisi... while we walking there was a nice girl sitting there alone , she smiled, greeted us and we got introduced. She said she is a Georgian girl from Spain, even said something Spanish, i'm not very familiar with that language unfortunately, but she sounded pretty good, well then she said that is waiting her girlfriend . she is a local girl from Tbilisi, and asked whether we would like to meet her and go to a local good club together. My friend who was before in Tbilisi offered her some club, but somehow the girl insisted a certain club (we did not pay too much attention to this but later it we understand our big mistake) Well her girlfriend by that time were with us and we moved a club near to this place ''maskarad''.in front of a club was a small cafe, also belonging to the club, so took a seat and asked for a menu , i looked through the menu and after checking with girls and my friend ordered 2 juice , 2 vodka and one water. Total it was around 35 USD. well first surprise was when they brought me the juice and vodka i ordered, and water for my friend and for the girls they brought some totally different cocktails, while we speaking, girls talking in Georgian and typing actively by the phone, 4 min later they brought the same cocktails for the girls again. Then because it was pretty strange for me i asked to bring me same vodka and juice and the bill thus we want to leave (the situation were already pretty suspicious). When they brought the bill, i could not believe my eyes , lol. the bill amount was 330 USD. i asked the girls what's going on? they kept silence and waitress was asking us to pay.....you would say ''i would called the police maybe?'' Well at this time it was the only rational option for me and i did called the police whats next, the policeman came and started ask some questions, by that time some guys from the club were demanding us to pay immediately,'' we didn't order this'', ''whats going on'', nothing helped.and now the strangest part, during this girls suddenly disappeared, and policeman said that we have no option that to pay or we will have problems in Georgia. Club guys called some other policemen who came there along with the one we called and started threaten us with serious problems if we do not pay now and sign a document in Georgian language that we do not have any claims towards the club. and yes, after this we gave the money and ''enjoyed'' our night in beautiful city.I hope someone who will decide to go to the clubs will read this before. btw. I called my local friend in Tbilisi, he said that we are lucky to get this amount billed because a week ago he knew another guy in other club were forced to pay a bill around 1500 usd )) same scheme..

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1. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

Years ago I would hear these kind of stories from Istanbul and now it seems the scheme has been successfully imported to Georgia. :)

Just try not to ruin your mood and vacation because:

1. As your friend told you, the amount could have been much higher, so you were "lucky".

2 there is nothing on earth you can do to change this.

3. You have learned for the future. When a Georgian girl "from Spain" is waiting for a girlfriend and wants you to take them to a specific bar for weird drinks, you will know that something is not right with the whole situation. :)

I understand that sexual desire combined with alcohol sometimes could be overwhelming but I'm sure you learned your lesson. :)

Yerevan, Armenia
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2. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

Correct, it was a good lesson.

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3. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

thanks for sharing the story. which clubs do u recommend for solo traveler near city center?

Tbilisi, Georgia
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4. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

I heard the same. A tourist from Taiwan met a gut from Azerbaijan, guy invites him to strip club also on shardeni they drink and tourist pay 1200 USD

So bad....we need a name of this place!

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Brno, Czech Republic
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5. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

Same story time and time again in Prague and Budapest .. it's the oldest trick in the book :)

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6. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

The same story the same club... Can't even find this club on google to write a review cause it just can't have any feedback. We supposed to pay 130 euros for 2 drinks but in the end we gave them something over 50euros in some weird room where they called us so don't know what could possible happened if we won't pay.No printed bill just written on the paper plus 20% "tax" whatever I know the country is poor but those methods are over the place and also those money are not going to the poor people of Georgia...

Edinburgh, United...
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7. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

You brought this on yourself,craving for the pussy!

You don't go out with random strangers you meet in the streets.

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8. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

I had the same situation , the same club close maskarad. Be carefull on Georgia for girls on the street.

Tbilisi, Georgia
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9. Re: Nightclub nightmare in Tbilisi, be aware

One thing amazes me on this subject. People say they have been to this and that country (world travelers)..!! and yet they they get caught on these scams that operate in just about every city in the world. Obviously some people never learn...!!!


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