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How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

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How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

Just read this post while preparing my 2 weeks trip to Mexico in next month: an armed robbery on a public bus to teotihuacan under DAYLIGHT.


It made me very shocked though the incident happened 5 years ago. I wondered how safe it could be nowadays to get to teotihuacan( or Puebla / Oaxaca as mentioned in that post) by bus ? and where to book an reputable (and inexpensive )tour to teotihuacan if necessary ?

Any information / advice would be appreciated !

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1. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

As you noted, that incident occurred five years ago. I have not heard of any since, and the buses have made the journey thousands of times. As for travelling to Puebla and Oaxaca, those are first-class/luxury buses that travel nonstop and all passengers and baggage pass through airport-style security before boarding. Some people do not recommend taking the overnight buses, mainly because they think there is a greater risk of an accident. I have done so to and from Oaxaca, but probably would not do so again as the journey is too short to make for a comfortable night, even though the best of the buses are very comfortable.

There are of course tours to Teotihuacán, but some say they spend too much time visiting souvenir shops. I have always found the public bus convenient.

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2. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

I just don't know and cannot tell. Sure, that particular event happened 5 years ago, but there's no way to know if that was the only incident (unlikely). We might have not heard of any robberies since then, but how many of us in this forum know people who travel or work that route regularly? Personally, I would take this bus and do not have issues suggesting you do the same.

For what it's worth, back in the day, I dated a girl from Oaxaca and she was always taking the overnight buses home. I joined dozens of times over the years and we never had any safety issues. Sometimes you get stopped by the military. They will go into the buses and check ids, and that can be a bit intimidating for some people, though.

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3. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

I went to the pyramids with my family (two carloads) on December 27 and it was unusually crowded with locals and tourists. The odd thing happened on the way home at around 6:15 pm. Some kids were on the Piramides Cuota road telling drivers to turn back as the road was saturated with traffic. Most drivers did return (some in reverse, others made a U-turn and drove the wrong way) to the point where they took over the shoulder and right lane. I guess they took the free road which would be very slow especially with all this extra traffic. We continued and there was no traffic at all. We flew and did not even slow down to pay the toll until 300 meters before the toll. Some buses followed the instructions of those kids. I have no clue if they were joking of why they wanted all those cars on the free road which must have taken them hours to get home.

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4. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

There was a spate of robberies on that route a few years back (spate = 4-5 occasions) until the bus company clamped down, provided extra security and then it died down. Of course nobody can give you a 100% guarantee whenever you travel (anywhere in the world) but I personally wouldn't worry about it.

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5. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

As the others have stated , this was years ago and there have been thousands of buses going there and back since then without incident.

I would take the bus.

there are no guarantees in life, it could happen again . yet we are more likely to get into accidents driving to the store in our own home cities then to be hijacked on a big bus going to a pyramid.

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6. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

The police started doing checks on the bus route to/from Teotihuacan. They boarded the bus and even asked to look in our daypacks--a mom and her teenage daughter.

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7. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

We were planning to take the bus since we had no issues talking the bus from San Miguel de Allemde but at the last minute decided to splurge and booked a private tour to Teotihuacan. We followed the advice of another TA poster and contacted Jorge Mendoza.

He picked us up promptly early in the morning and we avoided the crowds at the pyramid. He walked us through the grounds and was very knowledgeable and surprisingly very well priced compared to other tours. He also gave us some valuable advice for the rest of our trip. His email is jorgemendozaturismo@live.com if you are interested.

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8. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

Hi Spring5 - I am in two minds between booking a tour or taking the bus myself from Mexico City out. Can you say how much your tour guide cost for the trip? Thanks. Barry

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9. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

We have just been travelling around Mexico for the last 3+ weeks and pass on from our experiences:

We went to Teotihuacan with Urban Adventures and they use the public transport - highly recommend as they also include a visit to a close by town and dinner in a local home.

The first class buses are higher luxury than buses I have experienced anywhere. We flew from MEX to Oaxaca, then used the buses to Puebla then back to MEX airport. We then flew to Guadalajara and then used the buses to travel to Leon, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro & back to Mexico DF. We used ADO, Estella Rojo and ETN and all were excellent.

In Puebla we used the local little bus to visit Cholula.

We are pretty streetwise people - but the only incident we did have was in Guadalajara where my wife had her (thin) gold necklace dripped off by a thief in the central Av Juarez close to the hotel we were staying in. She had been advised to remove it before entering the markets in Mexico DF - but hadn't expected to do it in the centre of Guadalajara.

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10. Re: How safe is it to go to teotihuacan by bus

Just did this very trip over the New Year - no problems at all. Very easy and cheap! Travel with confidence.