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Travel bottles with printed size

Sheffield, United...
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Travel bottles with printed size

We are flying to Cork in a few weeks, taking only hand luggage. I decided to look up what liquids can be taken as my husband now has to use lactose free cow’s milk. According to the information from Manchester airport, all travel bottles must have their size clearly printed on them!! I can only find clear travel bottles available. Has anyone had problems with clear bottles?

Thank you.

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1. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

And there is no lactose free milk in Cork?

Brussels, Belgium
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2. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

If you are flying from Manchester Airport, and you know perfectly well what that airport's position is (it is clearly stated in manchesterairport.co.uk/guides-to-travelling… "Please note - if you wish to bring your own containers to hold 100ml or less, the container must have printed on it the measurement that the container can hold. TRAVEL SETS OF CONTAINERS THAT DO NOT HAVE MEASUREMENTS ON THEM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED THROUGH SECURITY. Handwritten measurements or stickers are also not acceptable.") - what on earth is the point of even asking?!

If you can't find new bottles with this indication (see https://www.amazon.co.uk/Korbond-Bottles-Packing-Organiser-Transparent/dp/B016Y4HFSU/ref=lp_11968022031_1_28?s=luggage&ie=UTF8&qid=1518195897&sr=1-28), just re-use others you may have at home, on which the contents are printed, e.g. (washed, of course) shampoo bottles!

In any case, I'm sure you can get lactose-free milk when you get to Ireland!

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3. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

You do know that Cork is not in the middle of nowhere? It is the 2nd largest city in Ireland and has Tesco Extra's, M&S, Lidl, Aldi etc.

Why you would want to take milk to Ireland, a place famous for producing milk, and in 100ml bottles is beyond me.

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4. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

Perhaps they want some milk for the journey?

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5. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

Let's cut to the chase.

Do you need a small amount for the trip itself? If so, just decant enough for that cuppa into a single, small bottle.


Are you staying in a hotel? If so, surely it would be a reasonable request in this day of every last traveller having some food intolerance or another for the hotel to be able to provide this lactose free milk, especially if you asked for it in advance? Go and email where you are staying.

And, as said, if you are self catering, then finding it in a major European city would be pretty easy, so why bother carry it with you.

However, as you are travelling hand luggage only, then you will need to put all liquids into small bottles and containers and then into a clear plastic bag with a max capacity of 1 litre, and you can now use all your allowance, for toiletries, etc.

As I fly often enough to bother to do so, I already have a packed clear plastic bag with the liquids I like to take with me already in the bag in small containers. Few give the size, most are way smaller than the 100 ml allowed, I've never been question on the size nor had anybody check that every last bottle states it's capacity.

Nobody will be checking whether your bottles have the size printed on them at Manchester airport. Can you imagine the length of the queues if every single passenger's clear plastic bag was being closely examined to see if the every bottle and container had it's capacity clearly visible?!


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6. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

"Nobody will be checking whether your bottles have the size printed on them at Manchester airport."

Agreed SWT. There's no regulation that states that the capacity has to be printed on the bottle, and it'd be completely unworkable.

Manchester Airport do have a reputation within the industry for being a*se coverers extrordinaire, tending to make daft local decisions which attempt not to just comply with, or exceed regulation, but to eliminate any and all risk of a non-compliance, no matter how remote or fanciful the scenario. Thankfully most of those decisions last as long as a snowflake on a warm day once there's feedback from the floor on how it's going. Personally I'd take my unmarked 100ml bottles, you know, the same ones that have been through most of the airports in the UK and continue to do so week in and week out.

Also, not sure if you're aware but it's an option for you to go to the doctor, get a letter saying your hubby has special dietary needs, and then you're exempt from the 100ml rule and you can take a litre of the stuff if you like. Just declare it to security separately with the doctor's letter.


But as everyone says, Cork has supermarkets and it also has lactose intolerant people who like milk.

Sheffield, United...
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7. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

Yes of course we can get lactose free milk in Cork, but my husband was hoping to have a coffee on the flight!

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8. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

For airline travel I use plastic bottles from Muji which have the 100ml printed on them. They should have something you can use for your milk.


Liverpool, UK
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9. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

I regularly fly from Manchester and have gone through security with small bottles that do not have the size marked on them without any issues.

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10. Re: Travel bottles with printed size

How about bringing some powdered milk or milk substitute? Seems a lot of bother for a cup of coffee on the plane.

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