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Culture Trip

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We inspire people to explore the world’s culture and creativity.
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Tokyo15 Nov
Although it may seem a fading tradition, Japanese geisha still exists, and a handful of dedicated young women are training tirelessly to keep the art form alive. Sachika, a high-school graduate based in Tokyo, is one of those women. Here is a typical day in the life Sachika, an apprentice geisha.
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Europe15 Nov
When you reflect on your life are there certain years that stick out as particularly joy-filled? The year you could legally order yourself a cocktail? Your time at university? When you finally got your dream job? Researchers have discovered that happiness peaks at two points in life, and even though one might be behind you, the other is yet to come.
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Auberge Ravoux dite Maison de Van Gogh and 1 more location12 Nov
In Auvers-sur-Oise, a bare room with scratched walls is all that remains of Vincent van Gogh’s final bedroom. Culture Trip met with Dominique Janssens, the man thoughtfully preserving this intimate insight into one of the world’s most famous artists.
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Asakusa and 1 more location12 Nov
Every Spring, parents look on in eager anticipation as their offspring participate in one of the city’s most unique celebrations. This is Asakusa Nakizumo, Tokyo's crying baby festival.
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A la Mere de Famille and 1 more location11 Nov
À la Mère de Famille in Paris has a rich and delicious history that stretches back to 1761. We head behind the scenes of this ancient store to discover just what makes the legendary address so special.
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Cape Town09 Nov
Whether you’re a beginner just learning to stand or a seasoned surfer wanting to test yourself in some of the heaviest swell, chances are you’ll find a break that’s thoroughly satisfying.
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