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  • Lee-Ann C
    Whitby, Canada101 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    An African safari has been my dream since I was a little girl and we, my husband and I, finally decided to go for it. Due to the vast amount and variety of animals, we settled on Botswana. I went on a few Facebook groups to get recommendations on companies and right away, ABL was suggested and I had a gut feeling they were the way to go. I did my due diligence to ensure they were a reputable, licensed/registered company. Their website was filled with great information about their services and the company's founders. More on them later.

    I contacted the team, communicated what we were looking for, and got a prompt and professional response, with a suggested itinerary and cost. The itinerary sounded perfect and the price was in our budget....esp. because I was able to break it down into a few payments. I should also mention that this trip was a year and a half in the making!

    Communication was always responsive between the time we booked and when we arrived. I had many questions/concerns but the team was always prompt at answering any e-mail or messages. I appreciated that they were just as excited for us to get there as we were to go!

    We flew out of Toronto and after 3 flights, we landed in Maun on June 18, where we had a room booked at Maun Lodge for a night ( not part of the package ). 2 members of the team, Joel and IT, picked us up and dropped us off at the lodge, where our stay was a very pleasant one. The following morning, we were picked up and were ready to begin our adventure with African Bush Lovers.

    Our first stop was Hide Inn Campsite for the first 2 nights. Upon arrival, we met the Maun team, IT, Joel, Lee, Ronnie, and Reginah.... all warmly welcoming. We then settled into a really beautiful and comfortable luxury tent. Hide Inn has a bar where we were able to purchase drinks and enjoy the surroundings. Of all the animals I wanted to see, a Lesser Bush Baby was top of my list and IT spotted one the first night and I was able to snap a picture!! My excitement was overwhelming and the team was excited for me, too! Our trip was off to a great start!! I also very much enjoyed all the birds around camp as I am a bit of a bird nerd.

    The food!!! OMG Reginah is a phenomenal chef, with great skill. There was not a single thing she made during the whole trip that we did not enjoy. And the fact that much was made on a campfire, is even more impressive. She even had me eating mushrooms, lol. Her soups were my favorite but everything made was great. The food was plentiful and presented with love. I cannot say enough good things about Reginah and her food!

    Day 2 was our Mokoro excursion with IT where we sailed in the Okavango Delta with a local expert. This included a nature walk where we learned about tracking and animal drippings as well as the flora. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the end of our hike. We got to see hippos, elephants, giraffes and many types of bird. It was a beautiful day and on our way back to camp, I was able to buy a few items from the local village. We made it back to camp for dinner and some relaxation ahead of moving to a different camp in the morning.

    Days 3-8 offered us the real bush experience! We had 2 days in Moremi, 2 in Khwai and 2 in Suvute/Chobe. Our team consisted of Joel ( Joel of Africa ), Ronnie ( I would say lead hand/backbone of camp ), Reginah ( our amazing chef ) and Lee ( future guide and also a camp hand ).

    The camp was set up at each location with such efficiency and speed. We booked semi-luxury as we saved a few dollars and me and hubby were still pretty close, even if not in the same bed. Speaking of beds, the cots, mattresses, and bedding were extremely comfortable. In the back of the tent, a "bathroom" was set up and enclosed, providing a bush shower and toilet. I wasn't sure how the shower would work so I used shower wipes at first but then switched to using the shower. If you've never used a bush shower, let me tell you.....wash your important bits and hair, and don't worry about the rest. I managed to get a shower done in under a minute, lol. The bush toilet was also new to me. While we had a "seat", everything went down in a dug hole and flushing is by using sand to cover. After using it once, it's no big deal. In our tents, we were provided with ample lighting, bug spray, chairs just outside of the tent as well as a washing station which came in handy for washing our face, brushing our teeth and when needed, washing a few items of clothing.
    Each morning and when we returned to camp for the evening, we had a campfire which we thought was a really nice touch, esp in the evenings where me, my husband and Joel could enjoy a drink and get to know each other and/or talk about our adventure that day! During the night, it was pretty neat to hear lions roar or elephants communicating! DO NOT LEAVE TENT AT NIGHT!!

    We went on 2 drives per day and there was a new sighting on every drive. We saw....elephants, lions, a leopard, cheetahs, hippos, giraffes, zebras, impalas, waterbucks, painted dogs, monkeys, baboons, cape buffalo, bushbuck, steenbok, blue buffalo, warthogs, tree squirrels, spotted hyena, jackal, mongoose, plenty of baby animals and so many species of birds. As well as the listed sightings, we also saw and learned about the different landscapes, and hills of Suvute, saw ancient rock art, and my husband especially enjoyed seeing and learning about the baobab trees. Our morning drives included a stop for a snack and a coffee. To end the evening drive, we enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets while enjoying a cold beer. Joel would pick the most beautiful spots to stop with stunning scenery and often wildlife in sight. These were some of my favorite moments. By day's end, our souls were full and our bodies tired but we were always excited to wake up early the next morning for the next adventure. Everything we needed was provided on our, water, soft drinks and snacks. The whole 6 days in the bush could not have been better. The adventure of a lifetime!!

    Again, Reginah and her cooking skills impressed us daily, we could not stop saying thank you. I forgot to mention to ABL ahead of time that our anniversary was on the 23rd but sweet Reginah managed to bake a cake for us in the bush on that day!! Candles included! And the cake was delicious! What a beautiful memory we will cherish always!

    Day 9 and 10. We finally got to meet Stanza, when we moved on to Kasane....he's the man we've been mostly communicating with for a year and a half. The welcome from the Kasane team office was so warm and it felt like we were almost reuniting with friends. Along with Stanza the team included Lame, Letso, Katie and Thato. We were given a gift back with hand-painted mugs. Now here is something truly special about African Bush Lovers. THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL. My mug had, along with my name, the Chobe River on it, and my husbands had a baobab tree on his. Things that each of us loved or were very excited for. Personalized for sure. We also got shirts with our names and a map of the route of our safari as well as hats with the company logo!

    Day 9, we had a beautiful cruise on the Chobe river until sunset, where we saw a huge Nile croc, elephants, and hippos.
    And finally, on day 10, our final day, team member Letso brought us to Victoria Falls. The falls were absolutely beautiful, more majestic than I imagined and our lunch with Letso was very enjoyable. He's such a wonderful and great guy!

    Days 9 and 10, our accommodation was at Travelodge and I have to say, it was a really beautiful hotel with great staff! It was a nice way for hubby and I to spend our last moments just him and I talking about our adventure.

    Our farewell was on day 11 where we were brought to the airport but not before going to the Kazungula bridge, where 4 countries meet. Never have I been more sad to end a vacation. It truly was perfect.

    Some notes:

    Joel ( Joel of Africa ). What a great guy. Smart as heck, had such passion for nature and wildlife, expert tracker and when he knew there was something we wanted to see, he made it happen. My husband is into science, history, and geography and watching him and Joel exchange knowledge was really sweet to watch! His driving skills were excellent on the sometimes rough terrain, only getting stuck once, LOL. All the same can be said about IT. Both these gentlemen made quite a positive impression on us! The team as a whole had the utmost respect for nature, and the knowledge which we appreciated.

    Botswana as a country was extremely clean, IMO. DO NOT LITTER, leave only your footprints behind!

    We went during the winter season. Morning and evenings were chilly but during the day, it was HOT!! Pack accordingly. Speaking of packing, I have a few tips: Ladies....pack sports bras. The terrain is rough and you want to be secure! I found the dry, dusty air to be irritating to my throat so I recommend bringing a mask for the drives, pain reliever, chapstick, and throat drops. Pack a winter hat and gloves for the morning drive. Bring a small amount of laundry soap to hand wash. Extra moisturizer is a must skin got really dry!

    Be prepared....some of the drives from place to place are quite long, however, there is lots to see along the way!

    We are smokers and ABL was accommodating to us having smoke breaks. But please, DO NOT litter your butts. We used water bottles with a bit of water for our butts. And we did try to be respectful smokers.

    A final note about African Bush Lovers: We cannot say enough good things about this company. We were treated like family and every single person on the team was warm, friendly, professional and above all else, eager to make our trip perfect. We are very laid-back Canadians who like to joke and tease and the team joined in, making it feel more like we were with family! This trip changed us, and brought us closer as a couple. It brought me back to my love of birding and photography, which I had been neglecting.

    If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind safari experience that is priced fair, African Bush Lovers Travel & Tours is the way to go. Our trip far exceeded our expectations and was even better than I had dreamed!

    Thank you to the whole team for giving us memories we will cherish forever!
    Written 7 July 2024
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  • Sunshine40945961906
    1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    A great trip to the Chobe National park, once in a lifetime experience. Well coordinated and we were well looked after. Everything from start to finish was well organized and went smoothly. We are happy that we decide to use a company. All the guides and drivers were wonderful.
    Written 30 June 2024
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  • janet504230
    Pulborough, UK42 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    The animals on the Chobe river were very plentiful and the morning and afternoon safaris excellent with the great guides on the Zambezi Queen
    Room is nice , bathroom small but what you expect on a riverboat, housekeeping excellent,
    Breakfast very nice , lunch is a buffet which was fine
    Dinner a bit hit and miss, great lamb and beef but the last night of the African Themed buffet was disappointing , no highlights here sadly
    But you go for the wildlife and that didn’t disappoint
    Written 6 July 2024
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  • SandraWillFeyer
    Knysna, South Africa21 contributions
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    We (a couple from Switzerland) booked a 5 nights mobile Safari in Chobe (Savuti and on the River Side). Leon the owner is the most excellent and smartest Guide w’ve ever had. His knowledge about fauna and flora is huge and you can learn so much about culture and the eco system in Botswana. His patience for nature and anymals is endless at he will share it at any time. He reads tracks and let you see and experience the most animals possible. We felt safe during the whole trip even that camping in the bush was a totaly new experience for us. The whole crew was extremly sympathic and they made us feel like in paradise during 6 days. Mash the cook surprised us every day with new delicious meals. If we could give 10 stars instead of 5 we would do it without any doubts. We will be back for an other adventure with this sympathic young man and his admirable crew! Thank you for this unforgetable adventure in Chobe!
    Written 20 July 2022
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  • annatxx
    Vicenza, Italy1 contribution
    5.0 of 5 bubbles
    My experience with Afrinature was simply great. (-:
    I booked a tailored 5 nights tented safari that took me to Xakanaxa, Khwai, Makgadikgadi Pans and Chobe National park.
    This was my second safari, but it was a better experience than the first one: the guide would tell me facts and names even when I was not asking, and this is a plus for me as sometimes you just don't know what to ask, you just wouldn't think there's so much to know. It was fun to try and read the tracks together with OT and go look for the animals. An absolute favourite was Makgadikgadi Pans, as well as the ride from Maun to there (many giraffes, elephants and ostriches) and from there to Kasane the day after. I really enjoyed the company of the guide and the guys. They made me feel comfortable and we shared moments of utter amezement, or just moments of tiredness in the car after hours and hours on the road: these were moments as valuable for me as the safari itself and I'll be eternally grateful for them. It was good to also get to see David the last day: after many weeks of talking online to arrange my trip, it made it more complete to get to know him in person.
    Ps: great and generous food!
    Written 4 November 2023
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  • Kieron W
    London, UK11 contributions
    4.0 of 5 bubbles
    Sandra at SM Tours is terrific, she organised a day trip for us all from Kasane to Vic Falls, the bridge and Vic Falls Hotel. We had a great time and everything went smoothly. This is the second time I have traveled with Sandra having also visited Vic Falls back in 2020. I would defo recommend her and her team as their prices are very reasonable.
    Written 18 February 2024
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