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Batu Caves Batu Caves
Many first time visitors, especially Europeans, believe they will see some type of ancient temple built inside the caves, monochromatic, blending well and in perfect harmony with nature, Angkor Wat-style.
There is also small birds park, Ramayana cave that tells the story of Rama and another cave where you can read about Batu cave and its inhabitants and also make a tour trough the caves with a guide.
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KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur
Amazing park with a lot of amenities!. perfect for jogging or a fun day out with family! a great jogging route, a huuuge playground, waterpark that are children friendly with a lot of trees!
the place is have a great diversity between unique tropical forest nature, very special trees and a great modern art and dancing fountains .
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we were lucky to go 4 days in a row to dive, this is a real protected marine park, the coral and fish life is stunning, I think the best diving I ever had, and the island where we go between dive is very pretty an...
Dived Barracuda Point for almost seven times in a week but I am still amazed by the wonder of nature every time I see the schools of barracuda / jackfish.
Mulu Caves Miri
The trails, caves and forests are spectacular and kept nearly spotlessly clean; the park guides are extremely knowledgable; everything is very well maintained.
The national park is well setup and we had a great time wandering around the Park HQ and nearby walks, as well as visiting the 4 main show caves.
Deer Cave Gunung Mulu National Park
Join the Deer and Lang Cave guided tours from the Mulu National Park to have an overview of the cave formations.
Awe-inspiring Cave, Mulu Park professionalism is outstanding
Turtle Sanctuary Beach Pulau Perhentian Besar
Only nature and sea!
a long perfect beach with nothing whatsoever apart from nature.
Mulu World Heritage Area Miri District
Mulu Park is an amazing place to visit for those without much time who want to see a range of things - fantastic caves, stunning formations (pinnacles), beautiful and diverse vegetation, and interesting local cult...
if u r a nature lover, this is a must place to visit. the water is crystal clear, love the caving activities, the jungle trekking, the 8km walk to camp 5, hiking Mt Api to see the pinnacles and the river at camp 5...
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Young, teens and old alike will love this journey into the beautifully preserved Kilim geoforest park! Ours was a 2.5 hour boat ride along the mangroves that also took in the bat caves, Eagle island where we were...
Beautiful mangroves, magnificent eagles, and amazing rock formations to satisfy the nature lovers.
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The Habitat Penang Hill Penang Island
A lovely walk, we joined a guided nature walk (included in the admission ticket price), he was a brilliant guide, very passionate about the subject matter, and incredibly knowledgable and friendly, he answered any...
I would highly recommend that locals & tourist take the time to explore the beauty of mother nature in a gorgeous, well developed serene setting.
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Clearwater / Wind Show Caves Gunung Mulu National Park
Thes caves will open your eyes and make you go in awe. it will make you wonder how beautiful mother nature is and whoever is the creator of these beautiful attractions must be a genius
The park is extremely well run and everyone is very helpful and friendly... top marks to the Mulu National Park team!
Entopia Teluk Bahang
An entertaining and educational Morning as well as a time to reflect at the amazing beauty and sophistication of nature and the meaning of life!
... provides an excellent two-hour outing, that could easily be added onto a visit to the Tropical Fruit farm (nearby), although I doubt you could also do the Escape Adventure park (next door) in the same day.
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Redang Island Pulau Redang
Amazing crystal clear aquamarine water, live corals, wonderful saltwater fish, clean beaches, responsible marine parks management , friendly local people.
It will take an hour by a fast boat travelling at 50 km/ph to get to the island but once arrived you can start to be one with nature and enjoy the sandy beaches and the local wildlife, both in and out of the water.
Our guide (Jason Lau email: borneohornbill83@gmail.com)was outstanding and definitely gave us great briefings as well as great guiding and he also cooked for us all our meals at Base Camp 5, got us back to park hq...
From camp 5 to pinnacles 2.4km (7/10) Nature - huge trees, pitcher plant, amazing view from camp 5, clean and freezing river.
We stayed at the nearby Sepilok Nature Resort so went in both the morning and afternoon (you can use the same ticket twice) Had excellent views at feeding time but also saw two large adults on the walkway - they w...
If you have a bit more time you can do the walks (upto 5k) through the park, but be prepared to walk on muddy jungle trails.
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Despite all of that, it's still an amazing experience, with spectacular views and nature, helpful, friendly local guides, and a relatively easy hike, given the rewards at the top.
The incremental change in vegetation as you climb from Park HQ (1800m) to Laban Rata (3200m) in one day is incredible and definitely kept the camera memory cards full!
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An hour long journey and rather smooth compared to the boat rides I had in Semporna and the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in KK.
The Sabah Parks department is doing a great job of turtle conservation and your visit certainly helps their efforts.
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Excellent place to visit and learn more about the sun bears, just a short walk from the main park/orangutans however an orang came over to try and steel the sun bears food was a fabulous trip well worth a visit.
I am so overwhelmed with the nature and the wonderful creature, sun bear...They are so adorable and so rare spieces in Malaysia...We should really take care of this beautiful creatures ....expecially on the orphan...
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It's absolutely incredible place, real river in the jungle with plenty of animals and I was so happy to see pygmy elephant in the nature.
Our excleent guide Tom who is also a park ranger, is eldest son of the legendary Osmond who famously features in one of David Attenborough's programmes as his guide/boatman.
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For nature lovers, conservationists and fascinated tourists alike, this is an amazing place to visit.
We stayed at the Sepilok Nature Resort for a couple of nights and I am so glad we did as we were able to go back and forward to the sanctuary very easily.
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Thanks to the patient nature of our guide Afshin Dajai, we got to see an exceptional orangutan, choose our own itinerary and learned some interesting cultural facts through his family stories and life time in Saba...
This nature reserve is outstanding for its purpose ( wildlife reserve for orangutans) and the unique opportunity to see orangutans in their natural habitat in the forest.
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Mount Santubong Kuching
Great hike and climb, beautiful nature.
I would advise hikers to start the hike from the national park entrance, go past the waterfalls and then head up to the peak (will take between 3-4 hours in all) and then head down via the Bkt Puteri path (cut off...
After island hopping around Kilim Geo forest park, we spent some time and Tanjung Rhu beach.
Overall, Langkawi is a great island with humble, polite people and close encounters with nature almost everywhere.
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There are also various nature trails and walks within the reserve; from tropical highland rainforest, to lowland mangrove swamps where wildlife can be seen including orangutans and nocturnal animals on the night w...
A cafeteria in the car park sells coffees soft drinks ice cream etc. There’s also a video screening about the work of the sanctuary which is very informative!
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Other then taking nice Raintree photo around the lake, it's highly recommended to take an early morning walk, you can join any of the group of Taichi exercise, Yoga, Aerobic, Line-dance, Zumba dancing in the park.
Immensely beautiful nature, unparalleled serenity with nice lakes amid mountainous Maxwell Hills backdrop
Kek Lok Tong temple is constructed inside a limestone cave.. featuring a good balance between nature and Buddhist elements.. Other end opens into a secluded garden, marked by a calm lake ideal for a healthy stroll...
Spectacular natural cave with wonderfully breezy shady benches to sit on and admire the view, sweet monkeys in the car park, lovely lush gardens with lily pad lake.
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... goes to Mulu :) Tip: forest roadways are always a good place to spot wildlife so keep your eyes open on the road in and out of the park and don’t be too shy to ask the driver to stop if you spot something cool.
Trails- There are 2 self guided trails- Nature Trail and Orchid Trail which are quite easy and fun to do.
Perhentian Islands Terengganu
can relax and many things to do like water sports, cafe, restaurants, bar or just walk in the beach.. Perfect ideas to get away on the city makes u rejuvinate ur feeling after this trip... Very nature life, u ca g...
Surrounded by nature, it makes you forget time and date, its so all encompassing.
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You can take a tour or just take a round trip taxi, which is what we did from the delightful Sepilok Nature Resort.
We have been to 10 National Parks and up countless rivers in our private yacht and on tours in Borneo in our 5 months in Sarawak and Sabah.
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the lodges were self contained and comfortable- nestled right into the national park. the trails were magnificent and the waterfall trail is a must to
Kubah National Park provides awesome, well-kept trekking trails that take you into the real rainforests of Sarawak.
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Tropical Spice Garden Penang Island
..thank u ..and if ever we visit Penang again ..& needed a nature stroll ..we will pick Tropical Spice Garden & with guided tour again for sure!!
we loved the suggested pathway, each plant had an interesting history about where it came from and what you can use its produce for... a must visit park
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